Suavinex Welcome Baby Set Blue

Suavinex Welcome Baby Set Blue

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Suavinex Welcome Baby set Blue ideal a gift. Set includes: 2 Bottles of 150ml capacity with round silicone teat slow flow. Round and symmetrical shape, the small opening of the teat let a small amount of liquid. Ideal for the first days of newborn life and to take glucose and / or water. 2 Bottles of 270ml capacity with 3 position teat silicone round variable flow. Round and symmetrical shape, 3-position variable flow rate can be adapted to suction the baby turning the bottle only. Fusion pacifier , baby -2 months to 4 months, physiological teat (flat and symmetrical) silicone. Its small size washer and innovative way minimizes the surface contact with the skin. Clip brooch oval to match the pacifier, which prevents it from falling down and getting dirty or lost. Dispenser for powdered milk or cereal 4 compartments that can be used for independent practice and a nozzle to prevent leakage.

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